Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It's Been a While & An Alternative Title Idea?

This should maybe be titled "My Unabashed Adoration of Costco" but, as I was writing I didn't quite know where this was going to go so, grab some tea, coffee or a snack and delve in readers. 

So, it's been a while?  I was listening to a podcast last night. (No Meat Athlete).  These guys were discussing their morning routines or, the important things they do everyday.  One of them was writing.  Sitting down and hand writing something for 30 minutes everyday.  I couldn't help but think about the journals I used to keep as a young girl and then of course, the blogs I used to write.  Then, several weeks ago on facebook a girlfriend of mine asked if I was going to star writing again.

Most recently, I've moved back to the United States.  I am now living on the Pugent Sound in the great state of Washington. We are so happy to be "home".  Honestly, we loved traveling throughout Europe and we feel blessed to have that experience but never once did we feel as though we were comfortable.  For the followers of all of our blogs, it was obvious to see we stopped blogging for a while in Germany while we blogged A TON in Japan.  One of the reasons was we were not very happy in Germany and, there are many reasons why that is that I just won't go into detail publicly.  Suffice is to say, Germany just wasn't for us. 

There are things however, like everywhere we've lived, that we will miss.  I hope to go over those things and also cover some things that we a totally grateful to have back.  This may take form in a sister blog.

Because our family has been camping out, blogging hasn't really been on the top of our list.  We are waiting for our household goods.  I have been sticking with the Vegan idea though.  And, while it's been easier here in the US of A to keep vegan, it's pretty darn tricky when I'm out to eat.  I still haven't become comfortable enough to proudly declare that I don't eat meat.  The hardest part is handling the immediate judgment from people.  The tricky part is staying away from excess salt sugar and oil as well when I don't have a kitchen.  I have a kitchen but, it's a mishmash of borrowed supplies.  Which, any cook will tell you just feel "off", or "icky" or "wrong".  We've been able to do simple meals like stir fry, bean burritos, baked potato bar, and veggie burgers.

One of the first stops we made was Costco.  They have changed so much just in the 4 years I've been out of country.  A fantastic selection of vegan, vegetarian, and generally healthier options.  Last night was a perfect example of a Costco vegan meal.  Brown rice (Costco), Frozen stir fry veggies (Costco), and this new curry they have in the refrigerated section.  Maya Kaimal Vindaloo & Coconut Curry.  Both packages were Vegan, Non-GMO, and gluten free.  For a package of 2 sauces it was a little over $14.  Pretty steep in my book but still if one divides it out for a family of 4 (plus, seconds) we are looking no more than about $2 a person.  Last night, we used the Vindaloo sauce.  YUM!  Amazing stuff I thought.  The label said spicy but I didn't think it was overkill.  The flavor reminded me of  S & B Golden Curry but not as heavy.  The kids weren't fans but they don't love curry like Mike and I. The package suggested 4 cups of veggies and 2 pounds of chicken.  I added about 5 cups of veggies and a can of chickpea beans. Although there were many healthy aspects of this the sodium was over 500.  Tonight more than likely we are doing veggie burgers.  We've been enjoying the boxed variety lately again from....drumroll.....Costco! These are the Don Lee Farms Veggie Patties.  Unlike many of the varieties on the market this is a true Vegan option. Also, organic, GMO free, and lastly (I'm not sure if this is to my detriment admitting this) I can actually pronounce all of the ingredients! These veggie patties were somewhat a treat.  I will more than likely keep them on hand for those busy school nights or, when Mike can't seem to find anything to eat, he can rummage through the freezer and not starve.

Although, I must mention the family and I absolutely adore the Happy Herbivores recipe for black bean burgers.  I love that it doesn't require many ingredients or utensils to make, it's fast, and it's inexpensive.  The family loves it because....they taste good. 


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