Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bitter Orange Ice Cream

Another recipe brought to you by Nigella Lawson. She says in her introduction for this dessert that it wouldn't kill you to whisk it by hand.....she lies! Just kidding, for those of you who have wrists of steel you may whisk this by hand. However, I strongly suggest you should use an electric mixer if you have one. Nigella prefers using Seville oranges in this recipe however, she also suggested using some limes mixed with oranges if you weren't able to find Seville oranges or, they weren't in season. It doesn't taste exactly like ice cream but it's an easy and tasty substitute. In classic UK fashion, Nigella does not shy away from lots of sugar.....I hear that there sugary treats put our US sweets to shame! This might also serve as a good fruit dip at a party if not frozen. After trying this recipe, I've come up with quite a few ideas on trying different flavors. Pineaple might be a great taste. I've never invested in a fancy zester a fine grater works just as well except for you might want to take caution not to get the white pill from the citris.

3 Seville oranges or 1 orange and 2 limes
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar
2 1/2 cups heavy cream
wafers to serve (optional)

If using Seville oranges, grate the zest of 2 of them. Squeeze the juice of all 3 and pour into a bowl with the zest and sugar. If you're going for the sweet orange and lime option, grate the zest of the orange and one of the limes, juice them and add to the sugar as before. Stir to dissolve the sugar and add the heavy cream.

Whip everything until it holds soft peaks, and then trun into a shallow airtight container (of approximately 2 quarts) with a lid. Cover and freeze until firm (from 3-5 hours). Remove to ripen for 15-20 minutes (or 30-40 in the refrigerator) before eating. Serve in a bowl, in cones, with wafers-however you like.
Serves 8


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