Monday, September 18, 2006

Beef Medallions with Blueberry Sauce

This sounds like such and odd combination. However, I absolutely love recipes that make me raise an eyebrow and wonder..... it just begs me to try it. Much like the Summer Shrimp Salad . I really enjoyed this combination and it paired so well with warm cornbread and salad. The only thing that I would change is the amount of blueberry sauce. There was ALOT. I would love it if someone could advise a use for the extra??

The only thing I changed was the method in which I covered the meat in flour. I always coat meat using a 1 gallon ziploc. It's so much easier. Just put ingredients in and shake to coat. (It also makes for less dishes to wash....always a plus!)

According to Williams-Sonoma:
15 minutes to prepare

15 minutes cook time

4 servings

1/3 cup all-purpose flour
1 lb (500 g) beef tenderloin, sliced crosswise 1/2 inch thick
1 Tbsp. butter
2 tsp. olive oil
3 Tbsp minced shallots
3 Tbsp. brandy
1 1/2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries
1/2 cup low-sodium chicken broth

Whisk flour, 1 tsp salt, and 1 tsp pepper together in a bowl. Spread on a plate. Dredge meat in flour to coat, shaking of excess.

Melt butter with oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat. Saute meat in batches until lightly browned and about 2 minutes per side. Using a wire skimmer or tongs, remove to a plate and keep warm in a low oven (150F/65C) Add shallots and cook for 30 seconds. Add brandy and stir to scrape up browned bits.

Reduce heat to medium and stir in blueberries. Add broth, raise heat to medium-high, and cook until reduced to about 1/3 cup (3 floz/80 ml), 4-5 minutes. To serve, place meat on a warmed platter and spoon sauce on top.


At 8:12 AM, Blogger Gingers Mom said...

This sounds heavenly and I really want to try it. MMmmmm...maybe for Dan's birthday....

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Yes, it had a fantastic flavor to it. Not sweet at all. (What I was expecting) Very mild but creamy rich flavor. YUM

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try blueberries (still cold) with some sour cream, and something hot, perhaps a coffee :-) Makes a nice dessert!


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