Friday, April 12, 2013

Nutritional Yeast (Edelhefe) At the Reformhaus

Everytime I've gone off to the Reformhaus, I've been a little too nervous to venture through what they offer.  I live in a fairly small village so it's a small little Reformhaus but the lady is as helpful as she can be with her limited English and will most likely order anything that she doesn't carry.  So, what is a Reformhaus you ask?  A Reformhaus is a health food store...basically.  If the choosy pallet can't find it at the local "frou-frou" grocer, it may be found at a Reformhaus.

Recently I've been on a little eating adventure.  Getting the weight off of me has been challenging to say the least.  Deciding to stay kosher I think was the beginning of diving into a more sensible diet in general.  The idea that I might have the power to say "no" to foods is very appealing to me.  That I can conquer the voice inside of me that says, "you're not the boss of me" is a common goal of mine.

Many healthy vegan recipes that I'd been looking up called for Nutritional Yeast. I had absolutely no idea what this stuff was but decided to look into it.  I was intrigued and well, wanted to give it a go.  But where oh where could I get something as exotic as nutritional yeast?!  I'm fortunate enough to be able to order some things online from US venders but honestly, I tend to have a short attention span and an "I WANT IT NOW" mantallity.  So, I wondered if I could get something like this out on the economy.  Enter Toy Town Germany another really fantastic source of information. Nutritional yeast here is known as "Edelhefe" the one I purchased at the Reformhaus was Dr. Ritter Brand.  For a picture of the box, click here for the company webpage.

I did a little price comparison and it's fairly comprable to the American Bragg's brand of flakes.  Bragg's is about $5-$6 for a 4.5 ounce (about 127 grams)  canister of flakes.  Dr. Ritter Brand is 3 Euro for a 125 gram box. So, for vegans looking for it in a pinch, they can pick it up at their local Reformhaus.




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