Friday, March 30, 2012

Graham Cracker Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

This Friday night for Shabbat, it's "get rid of Chametz" theme. So for after service noshing, it's gonna be a carb overload. For anyone who is not familiar with Jewish Passover, or the word Chametz. Here's a completely cliff notes version. During passover, Observant Jews rid their homes of Chametz or, any leavened bread. This includes crackers, bread, cake, cookies, flour or, other wheat products that aren't made of Matzo and deemed Kosher for Passover. If a person is very observant, they kick spring cleaning up a notch for sure! For more details and history, click on this.

This film shows an Ethiopian-Israeli Passover clip from Shalom Sesame

Another one for anyone wanting a good laugh.....this is a great video

Our cat has been missing for almost a week now and there's a camping trip that I'm getting the boys ready for tonight so, I needed something quick and easy. Enter Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

This is a "simple as pie" recipe and for the most part requires things that I usually have on hand.

These turned out great and reminded me of a recipe that will most likely stay a mystery. I know that my grandmother made these fabulous graham cracker bars that my Dad loved. With her passing went the recipe and our family has been on a constant mission to find something like it.

Every time I roll out with a new graham cracker concoction I think about my grandmother. I was a product of a blended family. Although it had it's challenges, having extra grandparents wasn't one of them. This grandmother became my grandmother when my mother remarried. Although she was technically a step-grandmother, she was a real grandmother in every sense of the word. I consider myself very blessed because it wasn't until 9-10 years later until they had another grandchild. I had them all to myself and I think I truly was to them, in many ways, their first grandchild. These were the classic grandparents who watched me during the Summer time when my parents worked and I was out of school. They knew every single goody I liked and made sure to stock pile their pantry. This grandmother taught me cooking, tips on laundry and cleaning, how to crochet....which I've long forgot, made sun tea in the Summer, and showed me the joys of gardening. There are many things that remind me of this grandmother: the smell of Dove soap, my favorite pink afghan that she made for me, and Graham cracker bar recipes.

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